Buying a Home and the Process

Long and Foster Real Estate, Inc. and Kathleen Ryan both take great pride in the cultivation of the significant knowledge, resources, and experience necessary to find the property that suits your needs - whether is an existing or new house, townhouse or condomium.  Long and Foster is the leading, privately held, full-service real estate firm for the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC region.

To assist you with your real estate transaction in a timely fashion, I will help you through the entire process, including but not limited to:

Buyers Agency                                                                                    

We will review general and specific real estate transaction practices and discuss buyers agency at our first meeting together. I will answer your questions on how I will represent you in the home buying process.

Homebuyer Guidebook
I will provide you with a copy of the Homebuyer Guidebook and explain how you can use it as a road map through the home-buying process in today's market.                                                

Financing Approval

If you have already selected a lender or mortgage broker, I will be in touch with that person to introduce myself and ensure the pre-approval process will be completed in a timely fashion; including obtaining any necessary pre-approval letters.  If you need a list of mortgage lenders or settlement attorneys I will be happy to provide one from my supply of recommended resources.

Property Previews

Based on your own criteria, keeping your needs and desires in mind, we will narrow down and target properties timely and diligently. By utilizing the Internet and personally viewing properties myself, I will find the right home for you.

Home Showings

Once we fully understand your homebuyer requirements, we will focus our attention to show you homes on the market that are in the right location and in the right price range. I will not waste any of your valuable time showing property that won't fit your needs.

Property Condition

I will review with you all inspection reports and other documents pertaining to the condition of the property.

Home Protection Plan

I will explain to you the option of a home protection plan (home warranty) to reduce your risk of repair after purchasing a property.  What are the average repair and replacement costs? View a sample contract here:

Offer to Purchase Contract                                                                                                     

I'll guide you through the process as we write the contract and discuss the contingencies, home inspections, financing, etc. and I'll make an offer to the sellers’ agent(s) or sellers.

Negotiation Strategy

I will prepare a negotiation strategy for the property you have selected and provide advice on the initial price and terms. I will work with you from the beginning through the ratified contract to achieve acceptance of your terms with the seller.

Home Inspection and Remedies

If necessary, I will provide you with the names of reputable home inspectors and attend home, termite, etc. inspections.  I will work with you to request the seller to remedy the items you specify after your review of the property and termite inspection reports as your offer to purchase specifies.

Closing the Sale

I will monitor and inform you of the progress of the purchase agreement, including the satisfaction of all remaining contingencies and conditions during the entire transaction so there are no surprises.  Just before settlement, I will ensure that you receive detailed, final closing cost figures and that all parties are on target to go to settlement.

Final Tasks
We will not forget to obtain homeowners' insurance and, if you would like, I can provide you with the list of utility companies for your old and new home so that everything is ready for you to turn on faucets, lights, and fire up your computer!

Settlement Day

At the final walk-thru inspection of property, if there are any outstanding issues, I will help resolve them so that we can proceed to settlement.  I will attend settlement with you and obtain keys and warranty and appliance documentation so that you'll have everything in hand for Moving Day!

I Will Help You Manage the Process - Every Step of the Way!